When the curtain falls on a show, a whole series of emotions can assault the Director.

When the Director also happens to be a Scout Troop leader, responsible for the safety and protection of 30 boys – abroad in a foreign city – relief is usually the first one to be felt. curtain

After years of development, writing and rehearsing – we had finally done it.

I have been criticised for perhaps pushing the boys a bit too hard in the search for theatrical perfection. Parents reported sleepless nights, bitten nails and missed meals. I was not immune to the pressure and stresses of show business either.

The years spent writing A Scout Master’s Journey was a trying one for my marriage. Margaret was as supportive as she could have been, but I believe that I left her alone for that year. My work takes me away from home several times a year, long hours and high pressure situations led to us barely seeing each other – before you even take weekly Scout Meetings into account. gang show

After I returned from Edinburgh (I had to book a week off work and pay for the minibus out of my own pocket, but it was worth it) I got down on my knees to apologise to her.

The drive back had been long and stressful, the boys were excitable after there performances and I didn’t have the heart to squash their enthusiasm. They bounced from wall to wall of that bus for the entire 5 hour drive home – singing and screaming. I’m surprised we didn’t crash.

When I got through the door, tears were already beginning to form in my eyes, as I thought about the long, easy summer nights that I had missed with my darling Margaret. How I’d left her to live her life alone, with only the dog to talk to and care for. Her work is tough and often stressful, I knew she needed more than a faithful canine companion to talk to at the end of a long day.

homeShe must have heard the car pull up, the door unlock – because she was waiting for me in the hall when I entered. A smile on her face that was worth the wait – she could see my regret and dismissed it in a matter of seconds. Telling me to never regret my actions, that she understood the kind of person I was when we married.

My next play will be about the most important person in my life.