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A Triumphant Finish In Edinburgh

When the curtain falls on a show, a whole series of emotions can assault the Director. When the Director also happens to be a Scout Troop leader, responsible for the safety and protection of 30 boys – abroad in a foreign city – relief is usually the first one to be felt.  After years of […]

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Cost Of Brilliance

You’d be absolutely amazed at how much work goes into putting on a show. The logistical challenges alone are astonishing. You’ve got to get people all in one place which means co-coordinating about 30 kids which means 60 parents, and all the gang leaders and all the people volunteering helping out with technical and artistic […]

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Hello there gang show fans! How are you all? Hope you are all doing absolutely amazing and all that. It is exciting times here in both the gang show and the Scout Troop in general. In terms of gang show rehearsals are moving on at pass and every day we crack another little part of […]

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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

So, here we are, looking forward to our new winter production. So many fantastic productions have come and gone, we have completed our 15 part adaptation of the Expenses Scandal using children dressed as Bee’s who keep eating the honey. We had our wonderful 12 hour Opera performance of the ‘Who Shot Phil Mitchell?’ story line from […]

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The Future of Scouting

I was asked an interesting question yesterday. The question went thusly: “Do you think The Scouting Associations relationship with the Monarchy is necessarily a positive thing?” I think our position up here on the Mersey, far away from London and ‘The Home Counties’ might just give us a unique perspective on this question. A question which really ought […]

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General Scout Blog

Hey Gang Show fans, we’re proud to say that the show is coming along nicely with everyone getting very much involved. The power of theatre and performance is to give people confidence they never thought they would have before and give them a way to escape out of themselves and into a new person, a […]

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What are the Origins of Gang Shows?

The origins of Scout and Guide Gang Shows lies many years ago before the Second World War, when a man called Ralph Reader decided that the Scouts needed a new type of entertainment. Mr Reader was a choreographer and Scout Leader, he was in fact one of the most respected and in demand choreographers in […]

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