You’d be absolutely amazed at how much work goes into putting on a show. The logistical challenges alone are astonishing. You’ve got to get people all in one place which means co-coordinating about 30 kids which means 60 parents, and all the gang leaders and all the people volunteering helping out with technical and artistic and staging and organising and catering and travel and costume and make up and ushering and sorting out the venue and sorting out the kids and sorting out programs and all these things, these things, these things!


There’s a lot going on. Now I take a lot of this on my self as I am the leader and I am the main Choreographer and director and whole host of other things. You know, taking on all these roles makes some people into martyrs, they think that because they have taken this all on everyone else owes them some sort of debt even if no one asked them to take such a lot of work on. My father was like that: He worked very hard to earn money which he spent on the house we lived and the food we ate, but he worked himself so hard that he was always stressed and difficult to be around, and he felt he had a right to be because he worked so hard ‘for us’ but we never asked him to be full of such nervous energy and so work so hard, we would have much preferred a man who was easier to be around and easier to share love with and just eaten value chicken.



The kids go through it, we’ve had to take our lead dancer down to a Liverpool sports massage clinic place three times now. Because yeah we push them hard. Because we have high standards. Yeah that’s right we have high, high standards. But wait till you see the show…