Hey Gang Show fans, we’re proud to say that the show is coming along nicely with everyone getting very much involved. The power of theatre and performance is to give people confidence they never thought they would have before and give them a way to escape out of themselves and into a new person, a new character, for a short while. We are all playing characters all the time to some extent. But it is hard to detect the elements of yourself that are real and those that are fake, one way of helping yourself to do this is being someone else for a while. When you slip back into yourself and re-adopt your normal character you feel the bits that fit more and less comfortably. It is quite something, something I recommend to all.


A sight we should all see at some point in our lives.

So that’s all coming along nicely, but I thought I’d bring you some more general Scout news, and a key issue we’ve been talking about at local, regional and national meetings recently. Many troops around the country are facing hut renewals and trying to raise some money to fix, re-design and sometimes completely re-build old rotting scout huts. Here in Birkenhead we’ve decided that we think this should not be a burden, it should be an opportunity. An opportunity for what I hear you ask. Well, an opportunity to re-create the Scouts as a leader on environmental sustainability. Starting with…

Solar panels.


Our huts are very located in fields and parks where they receive a generous amount of sunlight throughout the year. This sunlight is currently falling onto roofs and bouncing straight of. This is energy and money that we are letting just fall right through our fingers. This is unacceptable! If it was raining money, you would go outside and collect it! And you’d encourage your scout club to do the same. We could cut our energy bills by an amount whilst also leading by example for the scouts and the wider community, sounds good to me.

Alternative heating. 


I feel like I know what you’re thinking… what the hell is that thing? Well my friends, that is a wood pellet burner. Wood pellets are a by-product of many industrial processes and are now being recycled and used as an alternative fuel source. This is a booming industry that our humble part of the country happens to be at the absolute forefront off with a new wood pellet import facility being built at Liverpool docks. We have a great opportunity to get in at the ground floor here of an idea and an industry that we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of over the coming years and beyond. Seems like a good idea to me…

But I want to put it out to you as well. How can we update the scouting system starting with the huts? How would you like to see them changed? Can you think of any other ideas for making our huts greener? Please get in touch.