So, here we are, looking forward to our new winter production. So many fantastic productions have come and gone, we have completed our 15 part adaptation of the Expenses Scandal using children dressed as Bee’s who keep eating the honey. We had our wonderful 12 hour Opera performance of the ‘Who Shot Phil Mitchell?’ story line from EastEnders (which was unfortunately cut short seven minutes in due to a copyright claim from BBC London). Who can forget our Nativity performance where Jesus is played by the donkey and the donkey is played by Jesus? The local church weekly called it ‘shockingly misjudged’ and we had a vibrant set of feedback on social media with comments like ‘disgusting’, ‘why was Jesus pooing so much?’ and ‘The story was hard to follow as Donkey-Jesus could only speak Donkey and Jesus-Donkey kept on pontificating philosophically on life as a donkey.’. It really got a conversation going!


Sorry Donkey.

So this year I really want to go big and I mean Big! I mean The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe big! The main reason that I want to do The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is that I want to finally live a life long dream: to work with Ice! And with the Ice Queen, I can do that. I can work with Ice. I was recently at a fantastically lavish party to celebrate the centenary of the invention of right handed sewing (and rightly sew!) and they had a host of Ice work by Glacial Art including a quite incredible Vodka Luge.


And since then it has just been ice sculptures, ice sculptures, ice sculptures! It is all I can think about since seeing that beautiful Vodka Luge, they really are just about the coolest things you’ll ever see. So this is what I’m picturing: basically a vodka luge but a little less vodka! Instead, water that will pour down to create an icy pool over which we will plunge dry ice as the evil Ice Queen herself comes out onto stage. It will be brilliant, It will be bold, it will be beautiful. It will be icy. It will be so, so icy.

So, what do you think?