Hello there gang show fans! How are you all? Hope you are all doing absolutely amazing and all that. It is exciting times here in both the gang show and the Scout Troop in general. In terms of gang show rehearsals are moving on at pass and every day we crack another little part of the story and I couldn’t be more proud of all the work that our Scouts have put into getting this show ready for a fantastic performance. Though our Aslan had to drop out after being shot by a dentist we have a new one and are retaining a strict no dentist policy at practice.



Aside from that I have also been heavily involved in the ongoing works on the development of the new scout hut. It’s all coming together really nice and I think we are well on our way to having the greenest scout hut in the country! Solar panels and wood pellet burners have been ordered. Now were going through more of the details for the build. We’ve been looking at maybe having a conservatory area which can double as a green house. Luckily, as often is the case, we’ve got a connection through the troop! This time it is with Allerton Windows who do conservatories in Liverpool. One of our kids has an Uncle involved with the place and it is looking we are on to complete the deal!




Aside from the conservatory plans we are trying to concentrate on how to make sure that the hut can be as warm as possible using as little energy as possible and that means insulation. We might even be able to get some sort of government grant or something for good roof insulation as they are apparently trying to encourage everyone to get that done. I guess if the government are offering to actually help for once I’ll try it. We’ll see though.


So there you go, there is a little update on how it is all coming along. See you again soon!